Wednesday, October 31, 2007

long overdue update

I don't feel like going over a few months of happenings, but whatever. I have some goals from now until Christmas.

1. 120k hands. probably 2 weeks of 40k apiece. Probably 80k 10/20 - 15/30 and 40k 30/60+ if I can help it.

2. Do well on Vancouver trip (not 100% going yet), qualify for pca, maybe a commerce trip?

3. profit?

Monday, July 02, 2007

20th in 2-7

A brief recap of the lameness that is losing money while still cashing in an event:
I start day at 16.5k, run it down to 9900. Start play at 600/1200 iirc and just crush the table run hot and get it up to 40k. This is like 2x average and I'm starting to feel really good about how I'm playing. Get moved to a new, tough table. I get to 56k at the very start of the 1200/2400 level and start losing every pot I play. Eventually we get down to 26, paying 24, and I've got like 50k. I then lose 2 hands in a row where the shortstack gets allin and makes a wheel. So 50k - 65k -30k just like that. laaaaaaame. I weasel ITM and eventually have 22345 brick 3x vs jesus and I am teh bustoooooooooo for $5414. Being in for $6k, this sucks.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

amde day 2 of 2-7

busted inthe 1500 plo rebuy long time ago, not gonna put up a trip report.

So the 2-7 event starts off with me drawing a decent table and some big rebuy pots. During the rebuy period (!) the table breaks and I get moved to a table with Gavin Griffin, Howard Lederer, Steve Zolotow and 2 randoms. I work my cruddy stack up to 12k by the end of 150/300 and feel pretty good about it despite being in for all of it (6k). This table breaks, I go to the table with Jeff Madsen and Chau Giang and bleed off some chips here not really winning any pots. Again, my table breaks, ending up at this gem. Seat 1, groth911t from stars, seat 2 me, seat 3 cindy violette's mantoy or whatever. Seat 4 good player with a million chips. Seat 5 Dewey Tomko, Seat 6 Barry Greenstein. Tomko busts quickly and Jennifer Harman is moved into the seat. Eventually, Barry loses a large pot to groth911t and I get the rest of the chips when I open 8662x, draw 2 to the 862 and brick, draw a 4, then a 3 for alllll the chips. So now I have 2 copies of Ace on the River, but this one has a personalized intro. wooooot.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

a solid 3 weeks of losing.

Fun way to run during the wsop. Basically, this month has only gone well on the baseball front. 1500 wsop event? Run bad never get chips. Side action lhe? Down like 11k. Side action plo? up a little. 1500 rebuy? sell off 65%, get owned in the rebuy period, have a bad table draw, never get chips to do anything and basically play really well to even last 10 hours.
Online plo? Disaster.

Basically, screw this month right now. Everything since my bday has been utterly rigged.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Maybe I should play some wsop events?

Ok, events looking stuff over that I could stand to play:

#20 - 2k stud/8 6/11 (optional)
#23 - 1500 plo 6/14
#33 - 1500 plo rebuy 6/20 (budget $7500)
#42 - 1500 plo8 6/25
#45 - 5k 6max nhle 6/28
#48 - 1000 2-7 rebuy 6/29 (budget 5k)
#55 - $10k Main event nlhe 7/6

$30500 there, could probably find some lhe or stud to get to 40k if I wanted. Backing proposals are sooooooooo welcome

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

wow weird day

Ok, day starts off losing like ~15k at 100/200. Gooooooooood morning, Jameson! Suitably annoyed, I check some baseball box score from the games I have wagered on (they are in the links on the right). I see both heavy underdogs at +220 ish are winning, in TB's case handily. I go over to KT's to grab dinner and watch on satellite as TB walks in the winning run capping off a 6 run 9th for the guy we want not to win. Expletive. I go eat dinner and head over to rio, wait a few hours to get into a game, and end up making ~11k in a 25-25 plo game with a 50 straddle from the winner of the previous hand. This includes me winning a ~17kish pot, largest cash game pot I've ever won, against Josh Arieh. Fun times. There's other weird personal stuff involving family and a couple other things in there, but that's the gist of it. I had won like ~5k the day before so it's not like I'm even down money now, just essentially moved it offline for free. I'll probably post a graph soon that shows the ridiculous session.

Friday, June 01, 2007

May in review

goals - failed man I didn't play like any hands at all, probably gained weight. At least wsop qual isn't my fault with it becoming a buy-your-own type of deal.

money = ok

trips = fun

wsop time, bday in 2 days, next 45 days will be all sorts of work.

as far as that

graph goes, well, there was a fun 1/2 hu session at the end.